Immediate Action Care for Trauma

iACT Concept

The iACT Responder Bag is a wall mounted trauma case that resembles a Fire Extinguisher and AED in largely populated areas. It remains in standard locations where people can see it, access it and deploy when needed. The iACT Responder Bag provides the simplicity of a Fire Extinguisher and the functionality of an AED to apply life saving interventions until First Responders arrive.


The concept of the iACT bag is to provide life saving equipment and knowledge to what we call the “Immediate Responder”. An “Immediate Responder” is you, a citizen, co-worker, community member, the person on the scene during a tragic event before First Responders are notified. First Responders are the firefighters, EMT’s and police officers that arrive to clear a scene and render aid to the victims. As an "Immediate Responder”, now you can act, with iACT.

Incidents such as a mass shooting are classified as a combat situation. Due to the threat level of innocent people, the “Immediate Responders” and First Responders must adapt and use Emergency Casualty Care to provide treatment to the injured. This requires more critical time for the First Responders to gain access to the injured. Police will be looking for the shooter, then clearing the structure to make it safe before anyone else may enter...this takes time. This lapse of time is what kills injured victims on the scene. These injured victims have a greater chance in surviving their injuries when the proper medical supplies are accessible and action is taken immediately. 

The average person who suffers from a life threatening arterial bleeding wound could bleed out and die in 2-4 minutes. On average, site studies show it takes 40-60 minutes for First Responders to arrive, be granted access and initiate life saving interventions. This 40 min difference is critical on how many people live or die. 

We have followed the guidelines of TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) and constructed the iACT Responder Bag which contains the required equipment to provide life saving interventions. More importantly,  it takes less than 30 minutes to train anyone without any medical knowledge how to use the iACT Responder Bag to its full capacity. This is accomplished through short videos and direction cards or training sessions. Anyone with medical knowledge can use it with only 10 minutes of familiarization. 

The iACT Responder Bag can be placed in any mass gathering location and its encouraged that everyone learn the necessary skills to implement this bag in any time of need.

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