Immediate Action Care for Trauma

Comparison of iACT Responder Bag

iACT is striving to teach the public how to save lives by introducing the “Immediate Responder”, YOU, the untrained person on the scene who can provide life saving treatments with the equipment and self aided instructions contained in the iACT bag.  

AHA introduced CPR to the general public in an effort to teach people how to react in the event of someone having a heart attack. AHA has successfully taught majority of the population how to provide CPR through knowledge, skills and basic equipment. Their contribution to self awareness, action and knowledge has saved countless lives throughout their campaign.

AED’s in conjunction with CPR have proved to be a very effective combination in drastically reducing the mortality rate to those who suddenly experience a heart attack. Its the knowledge of CPR, the skill to perform it and the equipment of barrier devices and AED’s that lead to saving thousands of lives each year. 

The iACT Responder Bag brings those elements together to provide the same positive outcome in active shooter/mass violence incidents. By teaching the general public the basics of how the iACT Responder Bag is devised and provide them with the equipment and skills to use it will drastically reduce the amount of lives lost in mass casualty events. 

The iACT Responder Bag is effective and simple with its ease of use, color coding and universal directions to aid in proper treatment. Training will also be available via the website, mobile apps and on site training to lead the way for you to become knowledgeable, competent and confident to render life saving treatments.