Immediate Action Care for Trauma

How to Use the iACT Responder Bag


Grab the bag from the wall mount and deploy the bag where needed.



B.R.A.V.E. acronym walks you step by step through the process of performing life saving treatments to victims.

B - Bleeding

R - Respirations

A - Airway

V - Vessels (check for pulse)

- Environment (core body temperature)

Each compartment has the name each of the devices printed on the outside of the flap. This helps you scan and choose the right compartment without opening and closing each one looking for a particular device. Each device inside the compartment works for that step of the treatment needed. If you have a bleeding problem, the red compartment will contain the devices needed to control major hemorrhaging as indicated below.

If you have someone with an arterial bleeding  gunshot wound to the left arm, the "Immediate Responder" would reach into the RED compartment and pull out a tourniquet, and apply it to the patient until the bleeding was controlled. If any other injuries are present or unknown, the "Immediate Responder" would continue down the BRAVE acronym, walking them through the proper steps in order of importance to treat any life threatening injuries.




Instruction cards are mounted inside each compartment with directions on how to apply each of the devices.

Equipment List
Tourniquets (2)
Quik Clot (1)
Pressure Dressing (2)
Nasal Airway w/ lube (2)
Chest Seals (2)
Foil Blankets (2)
Shears (1)
Gloves (5 pair)
Triangle Bandages (2)
Splints (2)
Control Wrap (2)
Medical Tape (1 roll) 



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